Pad Heaven’s History

Pad Heaven Initiative began in 2010 after a school teacher raised the issue of girls missing class during their menses. According to UNICEF, over 800,000 girls in Kenya miss classes up to four days a month during their periods as they cannot afford sanitary pads. This situation is compounded because they also lack undergarments and information on reproductive health.

In 2015, we embarked on producing disposable sanitary pads from locally available material.

In 2017, we started producing washable sanitary pads at Langata Women’s Prison.

We trained at least 15 inmates to sew washable pads for their use as well as for sale. This project saw over 2000 girls and women impacted, while economically empowering the inmates.

We opened a second workshop and employed ex inmates as well as teenage mothers who did not have skills to get employment.