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  • Pad Heaven’s History

    Pad Heaven Initiative began in 2010 after a school teacher raised the issue of girls missing class during their periods as they cannot afford sanitary pads.

  • Menstrual Hygiene Day

    Menstrual Hygiene Day

    We celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28 May to break the taboos and end the stigma surrounding menstruation, Raise awareness about the challenges regarding access to menstrual products, education about menstruation and period-friendly sanitation facilities.

  • Standard Media Interview

    Besides the re-usable sanitary products, Pad Heaven also stocks a back to school dignity kit which contains 4 pads, 3 panties, a face flannel, a bar of soap and a menstrual hygiene book.

  • Langata Women Prison Training

    In 2017, our team apporoached the Officer in Charge at Langata Women Prison. Our aim was to teach inmates how to make reusable sanitary pads for sale, teach them a skill and enable them earn an income while in prison in an effort to reduce re-offence. We trained over 15 women and made over 10,000…

  • Parents Magazine

    Parents Magazine

  • Hapa Kenya Interview

    Hapa Kenya Interview

    In Kenya, over 900,000 girls miss up to 4 days of school when they are on their period because don’t have access to menstrual hygiene products. Despite pads and tampons being zero rated goods (they are not charged VAT), they still remain a luxury to a lot of these girls. The Pad Heaven initiative is…

  • Nation Media Interview

    Nation Media Interview

    Woman of Passion Keeping Girls in School What you need to know: When i asked the teacher where the girls were, she informed me that it was that time of the month for the girls. He said it so matter-of-factly, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I knew that I…

  • Mkazi Magazine

    Mkazi Magazine

    Keeping Girls in Class, one Pad at a timehas been our motto for year. Through friends and partners, we have managed to supply over 15,000 girls with sanitary pads across East Africa.

  • Menstrual Hygiene Book

    Through our efforts to distribute sanitary pads, we realized that menstruation is a taboo subject and most girls grow up without the correct information regarding their bodies. The book is recommended for school girls between the ages of 8 -15years, their teachers, parents and guardians. It is published by the Kenya Literature bureau.